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become a pro bartender in 4 weeks

Bartending 101

Whether you want to turn bartending into a long-term career, earn money while studying, or are simply looking for well-paid part time gigs, our Bartending 101 course will give you the tools and confidence to flourish at any bar, anywhere in the world. 

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  • How to ace your interview
  • How to accurately pour both with and without a jigger (measurement device) 
  • How to properly use different mixing techniques to make well crafted cocktails with speed
  • How to make multiple cocktails at the same time without slowing service down
  • Our proven 10-step service procedure that will ensure that no guest is left waiting
  • How to understand cocktail recipes instead of memorizing them
  • How to open, stock, and close your bar 
  • How to prepare garnishes, syrups and infusions to meet all health, state and federal requirements 
  • How to up-sell and make more money for you and for your bar
  • The different types of alcohol and how they are made
  • How to effectively communicate with your customers and guide them through your menus and beyond
  • How to become the team player everyone loves and respects
  • How to handle a work challenges, co-workers, and management demands 
  • How to develop a Do-It-Right Mentality that will serve you way beyond the means of the bar

Class meets twice a week for 4 hours for a total of 4 weeks. Graduation ceremony and certification to follow.

$575 (payment plans available).

31320 via Colinas 107, Westlake Village


be different


Our working flair course is designed to teach you how to develop your own style of bartending, taking you to the upper echelons of the industry. Adding an element of entertainment to your service will not only elevate the mood at your bar and make work more enjoyable, it has also been proven to increase tips by an average of 43% per shift.

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  • Economics of Flair Bartending
  • Glass icing techniques
  • Shaker set ice flair
  • Freestyle flair pouring techniques
  • Shaker moves
  • One bottle moves/throws
  • Two bottle moves/throws
  • Bottle/Tin moves
  • Money moves
  • Straw, napkins, garnish moves

Class meets once a week for 3 hours for a total of 6 weeks. (practice room may be available for training after hours).

$755 per person (group discounts available).

31320 via Colinas 107, Westlake Village


Become a showstopper Bartender

Exhibition Flair Coaching

We offer private Exhibition Flair coaching for individuals and bar crews. Whether you want to become a professional competitor, develop a unique social media presence, or simply want to learn a skill that will put you on the global bartending map, our private coaching is the way to go.

One-one-one training sessions. Recommended for bartenders with working flair experience. 

Get as much training as you need. Sessions are 3-hour minimum.

125/hour for one-on-one coaching.