more than just pouring drinks


The most complete bartending training program
OUR motive

Elevate the industry

A thriving bar demands proficient bartenders capable of delivering memorable experiences through well-crafted cocktails, efficient service, and customer engagement. We are here to teach just that. Bartenders who can do it all!

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More than a certification

Become a pro bartender in 4 weeks

Walk into your new job with confidence

Whether you are just starting, or want to take your skills to the next level, we will provide you with the tools, knowledge, and guidance to become a confident bartender that any business would want to hire.

Our Graduates

Life as a pro Bartender

learn how to bartend like-a pro


Don't get stuck! Take the universal tools learned at FPA, and bartend anywhere you want!


Don't miss the party! Grow in a creative, open-minded community that knows how to have fun!


Pro bartenders pick their shifts! Take control over your work days and live life on your terms!

Why Choose Us?

World Class Instructors

Learn from active bartenders who wouldn't put their energy into cookie cutter programs.

Intimate Class Sizes

Take advantage of the 1 to 4 teacher-student ratio to maximize your learning.

Bartending Intel

Cash in on our bar business experience to gain first hand knowledge on how to thrive with management.


Gain insight into the different bar environments directly from the people who operate them.​

Student-Focused Training

Benefit from the personalized approach to student learning.


We work with bars, hotels, and restaurants, and we own a cocktail catering company. Pick your passion!


Deliver service that allures

Invest in your staff

And distinguish your brand

How do you want people to talk about your bar? Training technical skills is necessary, but not enough! Our programs are designed to create a culture of  service tailored for each and every guest. We will develop bar guides, not  order takers, thus ensuring longevity for your business. 



What Our Students Say...

"Hands down, the best experience! I learned more than I could imagine. Our instructor was super knowledgeable and passionate and spent tremendous time with each one of us to make sure we don't miss a beat. They really take their time to walk you through every lecture and every training exercise. I seriously can not imagine a better way to learn and start a job! 10 out of 10"
Tim P.
"I graduated and I was immediately put in touch with a few bars and I got a job much faster than I expected. Walking into a new job with the confidence this class gave me is something I can not put a price on. Worth every penny!"
Amelie G.
"If you're reading this review and aren't in the mood for the entire book - the short version is if you're at the point where you're committed to going to bartending school and are just choosing which to go to, this is the one. 100%."
Paul S.